Andrea Marostegan is a young painter with an interesting background of personal and collective exhibitions, in Italy and other countries.


After few years of courses at the School of Fine Arts, he decided to leave the academic world: he prefered to chose by himself his teachers, building his personal apprenticeship story.


Andrea Marostegan has always been fascinated by colours and by the typical energy that propers the artistic research. In this sense he experienced a different and personal creative course, that brought him to an universe of strong intensity and mellow meanings: an immaginary universe made of presence and absence, of material and spiritual superimpositions, of incredible peds on his canvas.


The London journey increased Andrea Marostegan’s need of deepen for the research of original and flighty compositions, which never fail a concrete quitness in the act of painting: this peacefulness makes possible a visual experience that evidences a great technical skill.


Andrea Marostegan’s artistic experiences seem sometimes on border between sense and non-sense, such as if his paintings were always in balance on unforeseen color combinations; we could mention, for example, the original invention of the “re-colored painting boards”, interesting works based on colors games and a strong visual impact.


People, animals, plants and flowers live together in Andrea Marostegan’s paintings, absorbed in great spaces where nature could be a setting such as the prime element.

In every circumstances, Andrea Marostegan’s works are always liven up by a joyful energy that creates dreamy images and fantastic events.